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MicroAge FV ERP Solutions knows the intricacies of larger businesses, and how to apply the rich features and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to maximize return on your investment. Our ERP software solutions provide a positive impact on your business and can improve efficiencies across your organization while enabling you to grow your business.

Microsoft Dynamics AX - Microsoft's most comprehensive and powerful ERP solution.

A powerful, agile and simple solution for your business, Microsoft Dynamics AX is the robust ERP platform you need to keep your global enterprise thriving. Manage and continually improve your operations, across multiple sites and geographies, using a single unified platform that provides real-time data. It is recommended for large, global enterprises with a substantial budget and complex business requirements.

For more detail information about how Microsoft Dynamics AX can enhance your business, please contact us for introduction demo, Installation, Implementation, Training, and Supporting.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX solution overview
    • The flexibility you need to operate multiple business models in a single installation
    • Improved controls for everything from process and discrete manufacturing, through to warehouse operations and e-commerce
    • The ability to quickly and effectively scale your organization
    • Role Tailored user experiences for increased productivity
    • Multi-language and multi-currency options which enable better integration of multinational organizations
    • Business Intelligence capabilities including ad-hoc, self-service and pre-built reports from Microsoft SQL Server

  • With responsive capabilities that deliver:
    • A model-driven methodology which enables your business to adapt to changing processes and regulatory requirements
    • An ability to create, maintain, and reuse product models, components and attributes with the constraint-based Product Configurator
    • Increased demand responsiveness
    • Optimized performance metrics and an ability to identify inefficiencies using graphical workflow editors to configure processes
    • High application agility which allows you to configure the software to more specifically meet the needs of your business
    • A Environmental Sustainability Dashboard which allows you to track waste, water and energy use, carbon footprints and their related costs.

  • Easy to use platform that works like other Microsoft products
    • Users adopt the ERP system quickly, and enjoy an intuitive user experience
    • Users of all generations are able to enjoy the improved functionality with Kanban boards and visualization tools
    • Improved efficiencies with touch based screens for shop floor workers
    • Your other Microsoft products, including Microsoft Office, Outlook, SharePoint and Project can be easily leveraged
    • You can utilize Microsoft SharePoint in order to simplify supply chain collaboration for vendors and customers

Microsoft Dynamics AX New Features

Global Financial Management

- Compete globally with Dynamics AX’s advanced multi-company, multi-currency capabilities. Ensure international compliance with complicated laws, regulations, policies and business rules.
- Improve financial control with integrated accounting, budgeting and forecasting capabilities (general ledger, fixed assets, accounts payable/receivable and project costing).

Enterprise Procurement & Sourcing Functionality

- Manage RFIs, RFPs, RFQs and vendor/government procurement with custom-defined selection criteria and award processes.
- Intuitive online vendor portal enables vendors to easily update profile data, upload catalog content, submit invoices, review payments and more.

International Warehouse & Supply Chain Administration

- Forecast and control inventory with centralized planning, procurement and analytics inside Dynamics AX.
- Expanded purchasing and delivery rules allow you to give customers more choice.
- Be more efficient with Dynamics AX’s support for handheld devices and streamlined packing and shipping processes.


Manage the Employee Lifecycle

- Simplify human resource functions with automated tools including benefits administration, absence management, compensation management, employee development and more.
- Reduce manual processes and paperwork spanning recruiting, onboarding, development, transfer, training and termination Manage policies across country lines.

Cost Management

- Get a quick overview of the inventory balance, the work in progress (WIP) inventory balance, and what the inventory inflow and outflow have been for the selected fiscal year.
- Get a quick overview of the inventory balance and average unit cost of a cost object.
- The View cost comparison feature on production orders makes it easier to compare costs that are related to a production order.
- The new Production WIP statement dialog box to see a summarized view of accumulated costs for a specific product.

Electronic reporting (ER)

- Configure a run-time dialog box for designing Electronic reporting (ER) reports, so that users can select the financial dimensions that they want.
- Configure access to multiple financial dimensions during the design of an ER report, via a single mapping to the desired data source.Configure an ER report to enter data in dynamically generated columns of an electronic document that is created in OPENXML worksheet format.
- Configure ER destinations so that the output result of a format is directed to specific destination: file, email, or archive (Microsoft SharePoint folder or Microsoft Azure Storage).

For more detail information about how Microsoft Dynamics AX can enhance your business, please contact us for introduction demo, Installation, Implementation, Training, and Supporting.